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Origins of Vento

Our Origins

Vento Solutions is a high-end, boutique web design agency which has been named among the best in the country in numerous publications and sources. The company formed when the three founders, an Italian, a Brazilian-American, and a Eurasian-American, noticed that many noteable web design companies were ignoring the capabilities of HTML5 during the development of client websites. Vento's goal became finding a way to remedy this disparity.

Our Vision

Wind is agile enough to glide through leaves, yet strong enough strip bark from a tree. In Portuguese and Italian, the mother tongues of two of our founders, 'vento' means wind. Here at Vento Solutions, we believe that web applications should be strive to be lightweight and powerful. Our design team makes it beautiful; our development team makes it functional; and our philosophy makes it great!

Our Team

The Vento Solutions team is highly diverse and multifaceted. Our designers, developers, and online marketers have had jobs all over the globe - from Sydney to Rome, and from Rio de Janiero to Hong Kong. Each Vento team member has experience in multiple industries and has proven results in his current field.

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Our Team

Vento Solutions provides award-winning web design in New York. Our team is made up of pioneers of industry who believe in treading upon unchartered territory. Innovation is the name of our game, and we want nothing more than to see you succeed. We strive to offer the best web design in NYC.

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